About Us

Maine Muslim Community Center (MMCC) – Also known as Masjid Bilaal


Maine Muslim Community Center is a non-profit organization, organized exclusively for religious purposes as defined in Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.It was organized in 2005 to be the nucleus of the Muslim Community in greater Portland area by serving its religious and social needs, and upholding Islamic values based on the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Objectives of MMCC

To help in organizing the Muslims of Portland, Maine and the surrounding communities.

To carry out well-planned and organized efforts to spread the Da’wah of Al-Islam from the Masjid to the people of the faith and engage in publications and distribution of Islamic literature for this purpose.

To welcome the new Muslims to Islamic environments by Islamic education and counseling.

To promote unity of all Muslims and help in cementing a strong brotherhood by cooperating with all.

Muslim organizations, mosques and active individuals for the cause of Islam.

To promote better relations and understanding of Islam among non-Muslims and to remove misunderstandings about Islam and Muslims from their minds.

To strive to make Muslims a "khairul ummah" by taking actions against evil and injustice, by commanding good, and justice.

Conduct workshops, seminars and conferences and training programs to spread the teachings of Islam in the best way.


The Center shall be open to all Muslims, irrespective of color, race, country, language, education, school of thought, nationality, background, status, position, or political views, for making prayers; and in remembering Allah (subhanahu wa Ta’ala). No membership is required for making prayers, or reading neither at the Community Center nor for attending general Islamic worship Services and activities.